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Reopening Neuron building

Neuron has been designed to become a lively and inspiring place where people learn, collaborate, meet, discover and experience. Neuron houses the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), but also 14 lecture halls, 22 smaller workspaces for students (various OGO spaces and train compartments) and 400 individual study spaces (a silence area and a noise area). Neuron has been officially opened on March 28, 2023.

A tour of the Neuron building

Images by Norbert van Onna (, unless otherwise stated.

Loom Room

Loom Room, an artwork especiallly created for Neuron by internationally acclaimed designer Hella Jongerius, is a 9-meter high artwork, which hangs in Neuron's atrium. It connects two floors in the center of the building:  the upper floor is open; the lower floor is enclosed with glass. Hella Jongerius has created a vertical installation where textile threads lead down from the ceiling. On the first floor, the threads form a textile cube in a twisted and tilted position. More information in this news article.

Official opening Neuron

On March 28th, Constantijn van Oranje officially opened the Neuron building together with Applied Physics student Juliette Passariello-Jansen. The festive opening contained a symposium about AI and neurons, a presentation by architect Do Janne Vermeulen, Loom Room by Hella Jongerius, a performance by Lieven Scheire and a party program for students and staff.

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Aftermovie official opening Neuron

The official opening of the Neuron building

Official Opening Neuron

Photos: Bart van Overbeeke

Renovation period: 2021- 2023 (Design Team V Architectuur)

The renovation of the Neuron (formerly Laplace) building began in early September 2021. Neuron will be renovated into an educational building. It will also house the new Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI). 

Total Engineer TWIN (Team V Architectuur, Royal HaskoningDHV, DGMR) completed the design for the renovation this summer. Among other things, the building will have a partially raised roof with a special wooden construction. This creates a high and light atrium space on the second floor. This bright space is connected to the first floor by an opening. The additional interior design by Müller van Tol in collaboration with Team V is in its final stage. It adds a varied color palette to the gray tones of the existing building and a material application that matches the renovation.

The contractor for this project is the Laplace Transformation construction consortium, which consists of Bouwbedrijf Berghege, Heerkens van Bavel and CroonWolter& Dros | TBI. They have already been closely involved in the development of the Technical Design during the past period, and are working on the Design ready for implementation. They started work on the site in early September, 2021. The building can be put into use from February, 2023..

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Original building period (Rekencentrum): 1958 – 1963 (Design: ir. S.J. Van Embden)

In 1971 the Rekencentrum (Computing Center) was built especially for the computers that had to satisfy the demand for electronic computing capacity for all departments of THE. It was located next to the building of the Electrical Engineering department. The abstraction of the buildings from the first building phase was let go of to some extent for the benefit of a more sophisticated detailing. A more specific attunement to the use and the user was accomplished in the architecture. In this context Van Embden spoke of a ‘humanization’.

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