Demolisher speeking

July 2020

Commissioned by the Eindhoven University of Technology we are working on the circular demolition of the Paviljoen and the Paviljoen NP. The Paviljoen is the oldest building on the campus (built in 1956) and will be demolished by us with great respect and policy. At the time, the building was constructed as an emergency building in which, according to the architect Sam van Embden, "the greatest austerity was exercised". This sobriety is reflected in the construction and now, 64 years later, makes it possible that a large part of the building will be reused in a high quality manner on the campus. Both parts of the Paviljoen (precast concrete elements) and the Paviljoen NP (steel construction) will be given a second life on campus.

The TU/e has imposed a high level of ambition on this project and wants to gain experience in circular demolition together with us. This will enable us to transfer our knowledge to the students and scientists who are an essential part of the new circular construction economy. Until now, the work has mainly taken place indoors where we were the first to dismantle the loose reusable materials. In addition, we are now in the process of removing all partitions and non-stony materials from the buildings. As a result, only the hull will remain, which we will partly dismantle for reuse elsewhere on the campus.

The building contains a number of applications containing asbestos, which will be removed under strict supervision and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. You will not notice much of this. For the remediation and demolition, safety and quality are of paramount importance.

In this mechanical demolition we use a sorting grab to demolish the buildings piece by piece. In this way, the buildings can be demolished in a controlled way and a minimum of vibrations is created. We also work with noise-dampened machines to reduce noise pollution as much as possible. To prevent dust nuisance, we will use water sprinklers that keep the debris wet so that the dust cannot leave the work area.