Student Sports Center

At present TU/e boasts one of the best sports complexes of all Dutch universities, where students including those of Fontys and employees can go into dozens of sports. It is the only university that even has its own indoor swimming pool, the Van Lint Bad, named after a previous president who held student sports dear.

Original building period: 1967 (Design: architectenbureau Rietveld, Van Dillen and Van Tricht)

The Student Sports Center on the left bank of the river Dommel was designed by architects Rietveld, Van Dillen and Van Tricht and was put into use in 1967. Since then the building has been expanded in several phases by different architects and numerous modifications to the original design have been made.

Renovation period: 2019 - 2023 (Design: DP6 Architectuurstudio)

Meanwhile the 12,000-square-meter complex no longer meets the requirements of its users, neither quantitatively nor qualitatively. An extension and renovation must restore the coherence of the complex and provide extra room for the growing number of sporters.

The new expansion of the Student Sports Center brings coherence and light and air into the complex by rejuvenating the qualities of the original design. A continuous canopy along the fa├žade forms a horizontal connecting line between the building volumes. New terraces, patios and lots of glass will serve to enhance the embedding of the building in the greenery along the banks of the Dommel.

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