Can I charge my electric vehicle on campus?

All about e-charging on campus

There are 36 charging points available on the TU/e Campus (Amber and MIVA included).
These charging points can be found on the following locations:

  • 2 near the MultiMediaPaviljoen
  • 24 near the Auditorium (20 regular, 2 MIVA and 2 Amber)
  • 4 near Vertigo
  • 4 near Flux

Please see the map for the exact locations.

Also 2 charging points can be found on the MMS side (for TU/e employees). The points can be recognized by the special traffic signs and markings on the ground.

In the event of a charging point malfunction, please call someone at the service number: tel. 085-0044400 (CubeCharging). They will be able to remedy certain malfunctions remotely. If there should be a physical problem with the charging point, a mechanic will still have to be called in.

Use of the TU/e card
It is not possible to use the TU/e card. The charging card that you use for other public charging points can be used here as well.

Costs of charging  
Charging at a TU/e charging point costs € 0.47 per kWh (VAT excluded), which does not include the charging card. 

Visitor of the campus
Every visitor can use their charging card at every TU/e charging point to charge their vehicle without any need for extra registration.

Charging card
Drivers of electric vehicles can refill by means of an EV charging card with a so-called RFID reader. CubeCharging takes care of the billing and sends the invoices to the owners. They charge a standard price of € 0.47 per kWh (VAT excluded). This excludes the costs for the charging card.
The card gives access to all (semi-)public charging points in the Netherlands and provides TU/e with online insight into the power consumption. This enables the amount of kWh charged and the cost to be seen.