Can my remaining parking credit be refunded?

Yes. To do so, there are two ways. Which way is yours, depends of how you upgraded your credit:

  • Via iDeal
  • Via the cash machine at Kranenveld 

If you have upgraded your credit at least once via iDeal, the remaining credit balance will be refunded after you have sent a request by e-mail to , mentioning your campus card number and your bank account number. If you have used a ING bank account, the money will be in your account within the same day. If you have used a different bank, this might take up to maximum 3 days.  

In case you have only paid via the cash machine at Kranenveld, Parking will have to fill in a form to request payment. This will then have to be signed and handed in at the financial department of the TU/e. It will take 2-3 weeks before the money is transferred to your account.