Can I charge my electric vehicle on campus?

All about e-charging on campus

There are ten charging points available on the TU/e Campus, two at the MultiMediaPaviljoen, two at the Auditorium, two on the parking lot between Gemini and MetaForum, and four near Flux (see map). Also there are two charging points available on the MMS side (for TU/e employees). The points can be recognized by the special traffic signs and markings on the ground.

In the event of a charging point malfunction, please call someone at the service number: tel. 088-7755450 or contact They will be able to remedy certain malfunctions remotely. If there should be a physical problem with the charging point, a mechanic will still have to be called in.

Use of the TU/e card
It is not possible to use the TU/e card. The charging card that you use for other public charging points can be used here as well.

Costs of charging  
Charging at a TU/e charging point costs € 0.24 per kWh, which does not include the charging card. This is about the same rate you pay for your electricity at home as a consumer.

Visitor of the campus
Every visitor can use their charging card at every TU/e charging point to charge their vehicle without any need for extra registration.

Charging card
Drivers of electric vehicles can refill by means of an EV charging card with a so-called RFID reader. EV-Box takes care of the billing and sends the invoices to the owners. They charge a standard price of € 0,24 per Kwh. This excludes the costs for the charging card.
The card gives access to all (semi-)public charging points in the Netherlands and provides TU/e with online insight into the power consumption. This enables the amount of kWh charged and the cost to be seen.