What are the charges for parking?

The costs of parking for car drivers without a parking subscription are based on those charged in the city of Eindhoven:

  • The first half-hour you can leave the TU/e Campus free of charge, otherwise:
  • € 0.50 per 15 minutes
  • € 7.50 per 24 hours (daily rate)
  • After 48 hours, daily rate of € 16,00 per 24 hours
  • € 7.50 for a lost entry ticket.

The parking charges apply every day, 24 hours a day.

If you are often on the TU/e Campus for short periods and not sure whether you will leave within the free 30 minutes, but will leave within 60 minutes, we advise you not to register your car at Heerlijk Parkeren, but to take a ticket at the barrier. Only the actual parking time will be charged, therefor the rate will be less than €2,- if you park less than 60 minutes.
If you expect to spend more than 60 minutes on the campus, it is best to make use of your Heerlijk Parkeren account

Trucks can enter and leave the campus free of charge. The drivers can draw a ticket at the entrance. When leaving the campus, please contact the TU/e Security via the Intercom at the gate. The gate will then be opened. Other suppliers without a parking subscription, pay the regular rate. Suppliers who have questions about applying for a parking subscription, can contact the Parking & Security desk.