Loom Room / Hella Jongerius is the latest publication in a series that accompanies the delivery of works of art commissioned by the TU/e. Just like the architecture of the university buildings and the works of art that are being realized, the design differs per publication. Only format, cover material and binding are fixed.

The graphic design of the Loom Room publication stretches columns like warp threads and shoots text through them as weft. The letter is precise and subtle. The fabric writes history, offers room for analysis and creates images.

Design: Peter Kingma (Joseph Plateau)
Publisher: TU/e
Year: 2023

Edition: 500
Size: 40 pages plus cover
Format: 240 x 320 mm standing
Printing: 6/1 fc and two plates opaque white and black white, 1/1 black, 4/4 fc
Paper: 400 grams pearl gray board (cover), 120 grams lynx rough, 130 grams free life satin
Finishing: Ringed through the spine with colored thread
Printing company: Raddraaier SSP