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Join us as we take on the challenge of achieving education and research that provides technological solutions for our society, now, tomorrow and beyond.

Take on the challenge with us!

Our society is facing major challenges in areas such as energy, climate, health, safety and security, sustainability and mobility. The students and scientists at this university envisage great opportunities for ingenious technological solutions to contribute to solving these great social challenges. The Eindhoven University Fund (UF/e) promotes education and research that enables talent to flourish and groundbreaking research to be conducted in cases where regular funding is not available. Will you join us in taking on this challenge?

Support Science | For a future proof Society.

How can I contribute?

Innovation is all about team work. Are you a private citizen, foundation or company and would you like to contribute to that team work, which is so crucial for our future? Support the Eindhoven University Fund! This can have tax advantages, because our foundation is recognized as a public benefit organization (PBO, abbreviated in Dutch as ANBI). There are several ways to donate.



Made possible by our donors

Here’s just a small selection of the projects made possible thanks to our donors.

Thank you!


Ahmad Ibraheem, 31, Palestine, studied Electrical Engineering at Damascus University: "TU/enable is helping me by giving me an early introduction to the Dutch educational system."

Blue Jay

“We are convinced that technology exists to help people and to improve their quality of life. The team aims to offer technology with a face, a memory, a conscience, and a helping hand.” - Lars Hessing, student of Innovation Management

Fund the Future

Support our projects and make a contribution to the technological solutions for tomorrow’s world. This platform offers an opportunity to choose the project to which you donate. Every contribution counts.


"Without the support of the University Fund, we would never have made such progress in testing our electric motorbike."
Frank de Hondt, TU/e student, STORM student team

Challenges in the field of health, the environment and mobility appeal to everyone and also affect everyone. If technology can make an important contribution to the solution, as TU/e alumni, we cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch. We need to do something. Henk Kivits, Chairman Eindhoven University Fund

Our University Fund makes it possible

TU/e has an ambitious mission and for good reason. Our society is in urgent need of imaginative scientific solutions and engineers with the flexibility to keep responding to the new challenges emerging in a constantly changing world.

Dreams are what drive our efforts. We must expand our knowledge through research and make a contribution to a radically changing society. Scientific talent and outstanding teaching and research, in the right balance, are important for this university. These are things we have always excelled in. We intend to continue to facilitate that.

ir. Jan Mengelers - board member, Eindhoven University Fund

Applying for a gift

The UF/e only provides funding to projects (preferably large), from which several TU/e students/staff can benefit. The UF/e attaches great importance to the potential international character of projects, and to affinity with the business world and possibilities for knowledge exchange. The UF/e also seeks to contribute to the student climate of the TU/e and the city of Eindhoven.

The guidelines that the UF/e applies for submitting and processing applications for gifts can be downloaded here.

Applications can be submitted to the UF/e.

Applications must be submitted at the latest two months before the project starts and will be processed in accordance with the following deadlines.



  • Chairman: dr. ir. H.P.M. Kivits - CEO, Royal Van den Boer Group
  • Board member: ir. J.H.J. Mengelers - TU/e President
  • Board member: irE. van Schagen - CEO, Simac Techniek NV
  • Board member: irL.J.T. van der Els - CEO, NieuwSparrendaal
  • Board member: irJ.P. Oosterveld - Owner, Oosterveld Nederland BV
  • Treasurer: irJ. van Deursen - Owner, Elephant Consulting BV
  • Director (Secretary): dr. K.S. Ali - Director Alumni Relations and University Fund Eindhoven 

The UF/e board members work for free. No remuneration or expenses are paid.

Awards committee

The UF/e Students Awards Committee consists of the following members:

From the UF/e board:

ir. J. Van Deursen - Owner Elephant Consulting BV - Treasurer

dr. K.S. Ali - Director, Fundraising Development and UF/e


TU/e student representatives:
R. de Jong - TU/e Compositum federation
J.L. van Agtmaal - TU/e ESSF federation
A. de Jonge - TU/e SCALA federation
B. Raes - TU/e FSE federation
C.M.G. Verstappen - TU/e student teams

The Awards Committee meets eight times per year to process applications for gifts.



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