Our University Fund makes it possible

The mission of the TU/e is ambitious, and that is no coincidence. Our society is in urgent need of imaginative scientific solutions and engineers with the flexibility to keep responding to the new challenges emerging in a constantly changing world

Innovative technology is obviously never a one-person show. Our students and scientists are therefore engaging in global collaboration with scientific institutes, as well as with the business community, which is powerful and entrepreneurial in Brainport Eindhoven. This allows us take on the often complex issues from all relevant scientific disciplines in order to arrive at solutions that have been tested in practice and that can be quickly adopted by the business community.
Close-knit teams of students and scientists​​​​​​​
Each day, our talented students and scientists are working in close-knit teams to build the future of our society. The TU/e of course receives an education budget for this purpose. However, the challenges are so great that they exceed the responsibility of the government.
Contribute to ground-breaking research
Our fund depends on the support of private individuals, foundations, and companies who, like we do, have a heart for science and the future of the world, and who wish to use their commitment to technological innovations to prepare our society for the future.
​​​​​​​Will you help our teams obtain the funds they need for ground-breaking scientific studies that will lead to successful technical innovations?