Project Blue Jay

House drone offers practical assistance in the home

The Blue Jay student team is developing a domestic drone that will provide practical assistance to elderly people, informal caregivers, and chronically ill children in and around the house, as well as in care institutions and hospitals.

In the Netherlands, approximately 1.1 million people devote more than one day a week to providing care to a relative with dementia, a spouse with MS, or a child with a disability, for example. Given the aging of the population, informal caregivers ā€“ and the additional hands and eyes that go along with them ā€“ are in high demand.

The team is convinced that technology exists to help people and to improve their quality of life. The team aims to offer technology with a face, a memory, a conscience, and a helping hand. With this focus on Health, which is one of the TU/eā€™s most important areas of special attention (along with Energy and Smart Mobility), the students are contributing to the solution of major social problems.