Project STORM

STORM conquered the world with the electric motorbike

The UF/e’s contribution to a mobile work station helped to achieve the major success of the STORM World Tour.

The talented students of the automotive team STORM Eindhoven have been working since 2014 to achieve their mission: to develop an electric motorbike that is so innovative that it will improve the global image of electric transportation and conquer the market. This is because electric transportation offers many advantages. For one, it is quiet and free of emissions. It also has disadvantages, however, including its limited action radius, the long charging time, the limited charging infrastructure, and its somewhat goody-goody image.

The automotive team developed a prototype and two motorbikes with a range of 380 kilometers. The motorbikes can be “filled up” within five minutes by changing the battery, and their performance is on a par with that of conventional motorbikes. This was clearly demonstrated during the STORM World Tour, in which the automotive team drove around the world in 80 days. Using electricity provided by local parties, the team covered more than 25,000 kilometers.

The UF/e’s contribution to a mobile work station was an important factor in the success of this Tour.