There are several ways to donate

“Support Science | For a future-proof Society”

One-time gift

There are two ways to make a one-time gift:

  1. Donate online through iDEAL
  2. Transfer a donation to NL93RABO0101061226 in the name of Eindhoven University Fund Foundation

Regular gift

You can support the University Fund through a regular gift, in which you make an annual donation of a pre-determined amount for a minimum of five years.


Regular gifts are fully deductible. So you can donate more than it will cost you.

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Named fund

If you would like to make a donation and decide for yourself what it will be used for, you can do this through a Named Fund. Your name will then be associated with the scientific research or project that you have made possible for a long time. If you would prefer to keep your fund anonymous, that is obviously an option as well. The minimum donation for a Named Fund is €50,000.

Leave a legacy

Many people like the idea of contributing to sustainable solutions even after they are gone, through a legacy.

Legacy or appointment of an heir
If you opt for a legacy, you will leave a set amount or a specified good to the Eindhoven University Fund. If you opt to appoint an heir, you will specify that your inheritance or some percentage thereof will go to our fund. You could also use a legacy or appointment of an heir to supplement your own or another existing Named Fund. In any case, you are free to determine how your money will be spent. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

No taxes or inheritance taxes

  1. Because the Eindhoven University Fund Foundation holds the status of a public benefit organization (PBO, abbreviated in Dutch as ANBI), it is exempt from gift and inheritance taxes. This means that any money that you leave to our Fund through a legacy or the appointment of an heir will go in its entirety to scientific study and research.

Corporate contribution

Eindhoven University of Technology cooperates with the business community to test, improve, and achieve solutions in practice. This results in the “cross-pollination” of knowledge and insight, to the benefit of all parties, and particularly our society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are increasingly taking responsibility with regard to the livability and safety of our society, and this trend is reinforced as their customers expect or even demand them to do so. Contributions to science therefore fit perfectly into these times, in which corporate social responsibility is the norm.