Characterisation and modelling of praseodymium doped fibre amplifiers

Conference Contribution

Schimmel, R.C., van de Sluis, H.J.D., Jonker, R.J.W. & Waardt, de, H. (2001). Characterisation and modelling of praseodymium doped fibre amplifiers. In L. Desmet, H. Thienpont, J. Danckaert & F. Berghmans (Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th annual symposium of the IEEE/LEOS Benelux Chapter, 2 December 2001, Brussels, Belgium (pp. 133-136). Brussels, Belgium: IEEE/LEOS. Read more: Medialink/Full text



A 1300 nm praseodymium doped fibre amplifier (PDFA) was set-up using commercially available praseodymium doped fibre modules and an ytterbium doped fibre laser operating at 1030 nm. CW measurements were performed to characterize the amplifier behaviour, mainly focussing on different doped fibre lengths and pump source configurations. The experimental data was used to validate a spatially spectrally resolved amlifier model. The simulated data is in close agreement with the measured values. The influence of the applied pumping scheme (co-, and counter-directional) on tha gain and noise (amplefied spontaneous emission, ASE) is discussed.