Granularity effects in high-brightness electron beams

Conference Contribution

Geer, van der, S.B., Loos, de, M.J., Wouters, S.H.W., Vredenbregt, E.J.D. & Luiten, O.J. (2012). Granularity effects in high-brightness electron beams. Presentation at the Workshop on Ultrafast Electron Sources for Diffraction and Microscopy Applications on December 12-14, 2012 at the University of California, Los Angeles.



Electron sources based on laser-cooling and trapping techniques are a relatively

new reality in the field of charge particle accelerators. The dynamics of these

sources are governed by stochastic effects, and not by the usually dominant

space-charge forces. As the high-brightness field moves towards increasingly

higher brightness, these stochastic effects will play an increasingly important role.

In this presentation I will discuss the physics of these granularity effects and show

their effect using molecular dynamics simulations with the GPT code where we

track each and every particle in realistic fields and including all pair-wise