Identification of employment concentration areas


Heuvel, van den, F.P., Langen, de, P.W., Donselaar, van, K.H. & Fransoo, J.C. (2014). Identification of employment concentration areas. European Planning Studies, 22(1), 204-226. In Scopus Cited 5 times.

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This article presents a method to identify "Absolute and Relative Employment Concentration (AREC) areas" for a particular industry. Two novel characteristics of the method are that it simultaneously analyses AREC, and that it combines spatial concentration per area with the spatial concentration in neighbouring areas. The method is easy to understand and apply. It is developed to assist regional policy makers and corporate decision-makers with their investment decisions related to new infrastructure or plants. The identification of concentration areas also allows for analysing the performance of these areas in relation to characteristics such as infrastructure availability and the housing and labour market. This can yield new academic insights that are relevant for regional planners. An application of the newly developed method to five industries in a Dutch province subdivided into 502 areas illustrates the value of the method in comparison to other methods.