Toward advanced visualization techniques for conceptual modeling

Conference Contribution

Gulden, J. & Reijers, H.A. (2015). Toward advanced visualization techniques for conceptual modeling. In K. Sandkuhl & J. Grabis (Eds.), Proceedings of the CAiSE 2015 Forum at the 27th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (Stockholm, Sweden, June 10, 2015) (pp. 33-40). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, No. 1367). Aachen: In Scopus Cited 2 times. Read more: Medialink/Full text



Conceptual models and their visualizations play an important role in the in the Information Systems (IS) field. Their track record, however, is mixed. While their benefits are clearly perceived, practitioners also struggle with their use. This paper picks up on a potential factor

that limits the effectiveness of conceptual models, namely the poor design rationale behind their visual appearance. We argue for the benefits of a holistic view on the visual side of a conceptual modeling technique, which should draw from both perceptual and cognitive theories to improve the representation of objects. We present concrete activities and outline their fundamentals in the form of a research agenda.

Keywords: Visualization, Analysis, Modeling, Cognitive Efficiency, Human-Computer-Interaction