Energy considerations for plasma-assisted N-fixation reactions


Anastasopoulou, A., Wang, Q., Hessel, V. & Lang, J. (2014). Energy considerations for plasma-assisted N-fixation reactions. Processes, 2(4), 694-710.

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In a time of increasing concerns about the immense energy consumption and poor environmental performance of contemporary processes in the chemical industry, there is great need to develop novel sustainable technologies that enhance energy efficiency. There is abundant chemical literature on process innovations (laboratory-scale) around the plasma reactor itself, which, naturally, is the essential part to be intensified to achieve a satisfactory process. In essence, a plasma process needs attention beyond reaction engineering towards the process integration side and also with strong electrical engineering focus. In this mini-review, we have detailed our future focus on the process and energy intensification of plasma-based N-fixation. Three focal points are mainly stressed throughout the review: (I) the integration of renewable energy; (II) the power supply system of plasma reactors and (III) process design of industrial plasma-assisted nitrogen fixation. These different enabling strategies will be set in a holistic and synergetic picture so as to improve process performance.