Improving business processes : does anybody have an idea?

Conference Contribution

Vanwersch, R.J.B., Vanderfeesten, I.T.P., Rietzschel, E.F. & Reijers, H.A. (2015). Improving business processes : does anybody have an idea?. In J. Recker, H.R. Motahari-Nezhad & M. Weidlich (Eds.), Business Process Management (13th International Conference, BPM 2015, Innsbruck, Austria, August 31-September 3, 2015) (pp. 3-18). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 9253). Springer. In Scopus Cited 4 times.

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As part of process redesign initiatives, substantial time is spent on the systematic description and analysis of the as-is process. By contrast, to-be scenarios are often generated in a less rigorous way. Only one or a few workshops are organized for this purpose, which rely on the use of techniques that are susceptible to bias and incompleteness, e.g. brainstorming. In this paper, we evaluate a new technique for generating process improvement ideas: the RePro (Rethinking of Processes) technique. Its backbone is formed by process improvement principles that guide practitioners in a systematic and comprehensive exploration of the solution space. An experiment was conducted to compare the performance of the RePro technique with traditional brainstorming. Results confirm the potential for using a more advanced technique during process redesign workshops, but also show that the way such a technique is used strongly affects its performance.

Keywords: Process redesign Process innovation Improvement principles Controlled experiment RePro