Multimodal content-based video retrieval


Mihajlovic, V., Petkovic, M., Jonker, W. & Blanken, H.M. (2007). Multimodal content-based video retrieval. In H.E. Blok, A.P. Vries, de, H.M. Blanken & L. Feng (Eds.), Multimedia Retrieval (pp. 271-294). (Data-Centric Systems and Applications). Berlin: Springer.

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This chapter is a case study showing how important events (highlights) can be automatically detected in video recordings of Formula 1 car racing. Numerous approaches presented in literature have shown that it is becoming possible to extract interesting events from video. However, the majority of the approaches uses individual visual or audio cues. According to the current understanding of human perception it is expected that using evidence obtained from different modalities should result in a more robust and accurate perception of video. On the other hand, fusion of multimodal evidence is quite challenging, since it has to deal with indications which may contradict each other. In this chapter we deal with three topics, one being fusion of evidence from different modalities.