PM<sup>2</sup> : a Process Mining Project Methodology

Conference Contribution

Eck, van, M.L., Lu, X., Leemans, S.J.J. & Aalst, van der, W.M.P. (2015). PM2 : a Process Mining Project Methodology. In M. Kirikova, P. Johannesson & J. Zdravkovic (Eds.), Advanced Information Systems Engineering : 27th International Conference, CAiSE 2015, Stockholm, Sweden, June 8-12, 2015. Proceedings (pp. 297-313). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 9097). Berlin: Springer. In Scopus Cited 23 times.

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Process mining aims to transform event data recorded in information systems into knowledge of an organisation’s business processes. The results of process mining analysis can be used to improve process performance or compliance to rules and regulations. However, applying process mining in practice is not trivial. In this paper we introduce PM2, a methodology to guide the execution of process mining projects. We successfully applied PM2 during a case study within IBM, a multinational technology corporation, where we identified potential process improvements for one of their purchasing processes.