Airport Schiphol - Behavioural Simulation of a Design Concept

Conference Contribution

Krijnen, T.F., Beetz, J. & Vries, de, B. (2009). Airport Schiphol - Behavioural Simulation of a Design Concept. In B Coloakoglu & G Cagdas (Eds.), Computation : the new realm of architectural design : proceedings of the 27th conference on education and research in computer aided architectural design in Europe, Istanbul, Sept. 2009 (pp. 559-565). Istanbul: Cencler Printing.



In this paper, we introduce an agent-based simulation of passengers in airport terminal bUildings. A case study is described during which a prototype simulation tool is used to test the impact of a conceptual design change in an existing airport terminal building. We illustrate how this real-time, geometryaware simulation can be generalized and integrated into the design process to support designers in conjiguring the spatial layout of public and functional buildings.