Sector PCS-EBG antenna for low-cost high-directivity applications


Ettorre, M., Bruni, S., Gerini, G., Neto, A., Llombart, N. & Maci, S. (2007). Sector PCS-EBG antenna for low-cost high-directivity applications. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 6, 537-539. In Scopus Cited 55 times.

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This letter proposes a new topology of antenna based on the use of planar circularly symmetric electromagnetic band gap (PCS-EBG) with different periodicities. These periodicities are used to impose different propagation velocities of the dominant surface waves on different zones of the same dielectric substrate. The control of the dispersion characteristics guides the design together with the definition of a centered feed suitable to excite the surface waves. One prototype has been designed, manufactured and tested to prove the concept.