BPMNDiffViz : a tool for BPMN models comparison


Ivanov, S.Y., Kalenkova, A.A. & Aalst, van der, W.M.P. (2015). BPMNDiffViz : a tool for BPMN models comparison. (BPM reports, No. 1507). BPMcenter.org, 5 pp. Read more: Medialink/Full text



Automatic comparison of business processes plays an important role in their analysis and optimization. In this paper we present the web-based tool BPMNDiffViz, that finds business processes discrepancies and visualizes them. BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) 2.0 - one of the most commonly used notations for process modeling was chosen as a representation. This tool implements a structural graph-based comparison analysis using an A* algorithm.