Few mode multicore photonic lantern multiplexer

Conference Contribution

Eznaveh, Z.S., Antonio-Lopez, J.E., Galmiche, G., Asomoza, J.R., Vanras, D., Sillard, P., Schülzgen, A., Okonkwo, C.M. & Correa, R.A. (2016). Few mode multicore photonic lantern multiplexer. 2016 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 20-24 March 2016, Anaheim, California Washington, D.C.: Optical Society of America (OSA). In Scopus Cited 3 times.

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We demonstrate an all-fiber multi-mode, multi-core photonic lantern mode multiplexer for SDM applications. Selective excitation of 21 spatial channels, LP01 and LP11a,b modes in 7 cores, with insertion losses below 0.4dB is obtained.