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Drivers of change

Drivers of Change is the exhibition of the Eindhoven University of Technology at the Dutch Design Week of 2019. The exhibition features latest inventions ranging from solar panels, portable systems for smart diagnosis, to new materials, living environments and devices that will be beneficial to the society of tomorrow and after tomorrow. In this special series of podcasts, some of the protagonists of Drivers of Change give us a sneak peek of their participation and their research at TU/e. 

The moderator of the podcasts is Cristian Boscheri, MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU/e. Cristian is an entrepreneur with a mixed background in Engineering, Business, Marketing & Communication, Performing Arts and Street Culture. 

Drivers of Change 2019

Lucas Asselbergs is the head of Studium Generale Eindhoven and the project leader of Drivers of Change and Design United, the exhibitions featuring TU/e projects at the Dutch Design Week 2019. In this episode, Lucas guides us through the themes of the exhibitions, and the projects on innovation and technology that visitors will experience. 

Virtual acoustics

At Drivers of Change 2019, prof. Maarten Hornikx and dr. Jin Jack Tan from the department of Built Environment will be 'playing with virtual acoustics'.  Visitors will be immersed in different virtual acoustic scenarios and listen to their own voices in indoor and outdoor environments.  Why does our voice sound differently in different environments? This is just one of the questions for our guests of this episode. Their exhibit is just a small glimpse of the research interests of prof. Hornikx, which span from urban, vibro- and room acoustics to the role of vegetation and meteorological effects on sound propagation. 


From plastics to living heart valves. How to make this possible? For Anthal Smits, Suzanne Koch and Wojciech Szymczyk from the department of Biomedical Engineering, the answer is within our body, and its capability to heal itself. Still skeptical? Listen to this episode to know how our researchers create synthetic heart valves that, once implanted into the human body, can slowly transform into living human tissue. 

Dynamics of crowds

Together, prof. Federico Toschi and dr. Alessandro Corbetta from the department of Applied Physics investigate the complex dynamics of pedestrians walking in crowds in large outdoor and indoor scenarios. In the past, they monitored for several months millions of pedestrians at TU/e, at the train station of Eindhoven, and at the Light Festival GLOW. In this episode and at their stand at the Drivers of Change exhibition, Toschi and Corbetta reveal how they work ‘behind the scenes’ and monitor the movement of crowds via special technologies.


Imagine the possibility to combine lasers and sensors on a millimiter-sized device, all working through the power of light. This is the power of Integrated photonics. dr. Florian Lemaitre and dr. Marija Trajkovic from the department of Electrical Engineering illustrate how integrated photonic chips are created and how they might revolutionize our daily lives in the near future.

Are you interested in the possible applications of photonic chips? Have a look at this animation

Drivers of Change 2019

Full list of featured projects.

When: Saturday October 19 - Sunday October 27.

Location: Strijp T, Building Q6.

Free access.

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