National Grants

Many of our researchers have been awarded a Dutch Vidi, Vici or Veni grant for their scientific research. And TU/e researchers are among the winners of  a Spinoza Prize or may call themselves a Simon Stevin Master.  


In 2000, the Netherlands organization for Scientific Research, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Dutch universities established the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (IRIS). The aim of the program is to give an extra boost to innovative research. The IRIS is a personal grant, offering talented, creative researchers the opportunity to perform their chosen research and to give them a better chance of advancement in academic research institutions. 


  • Veni: open to applications from recent PhD holders, enabling them to further develop their ideas over a three-year period
  • Vidi: for researchers to develop their own innovative research line and appoint one or more researchers
  • Vici: for senior researchers to create their own research group

NWO Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest award in Dutch science. Each year, the Netherlands organization for Scientific Research (in Dutch NWO) awards the Spinoza Prizes to three or four researchers working in the Netherlands, who according to international standards, belong to the absolute top of science. The NWO Spinoza Laureates conduct outstanding and ground-breaking research with a great impact on society. They are an inspiration for young researchers. The prize was first awarded in 1995. The Spinoza award winners of TU/e are Jan van Hest in 2020, Rene Janssen (2015), Bert Meijer (2001), and Rutger van Santen (1997).

KNAW Academy Professor Program

The Academy Professor Program was founded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (in Dutch KNAW) and is geared to excellent professors that are part of the absolute scientific elite. The aim of the program is to free up these professors for top quality research and to educate researchers.
TU/e professor Bert Meijer is an Academy Professor. 

Simon Stevin Masters

The Simon Stevin Master is an honorary title awarded by the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW, previously Technology Foundation STW) since 1998, to very prominent  engineering scientific researchers at Dutch universities and parauniversity institutes. This prestigious Dutch award in technology is given to the best engineering-scientific researchers that have submitted research applications to TTW. 
The following TU/e researchers are Simon Stevin Masters: Maarten Steinbuch (2016), Philip de Goey (2010), Jaap Schouten (2006) and Arthur van Roermund (2004).