TU/e Distinctions

Our university has a history of awarding honorary doctorates to external researchers with an exceptional track record. And among our own researchers we have appointed  university ambassadors.  

University professors

TU/e’s university professors are the ambassadors of our university. They are appointed for a term of five years. There is no specific learning assignment associated with these university professorships. The Board can decide, in consultation with the Doctoral Degree Board, to commission the university professor to (further) develop a new field.

TU/e fellows

The TU/e and Departmental Fellowship are intended to connect leaders from a specific field of expertise to the TU/e. They act as ambassadors for the  university. From the nature of their careers, they emphatically perform in the field of Valorization. They also actively contribute to scientific research and education. This could include people with a special track record of R&D responsibility in a particular area in the business community.

University professors

TU/e Fellows

Michael Boot, Mechanical Engineering

Jeroen van Duivenbode, Electrical Engineering

Koert van Mensvoort, Industrial Design

Elke den Ouden, Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Eduard Pelssers, Mechanical Engineering

Carlo van de Weijer, Strategic Area Smart Mobility

Wim van Houtum, Electrical Engineering 
(departmental fellow)

Honorary doctorates

TU/e conferred its first honorary doctorate on Dr. ir. H. Kramers in 1976, on the occasion of the celebration of the university's 20th foundation day. From 1981 to 2005 honorary doctorates were conferred only during university lustrum celebrations, always three at each time. As of 2005 honorary doctorates are also to be conferred in the intermediate years in order to raise the academic stature of TU/e foundation day celebrations.

Distinguished professors

In 2008, TU/e started appointing a distinguished professor annually. In this way, the University wants to perpetuate contacts with a number of honorary doctors. A distinguished professor is appointed for four years and during that period he spends one week a year at a research group at the university. 


Margot Gerritsen was born in the Dutch province of Zeeland and graduated at Delft University of Technology under supervision of renowned professor of numerical analysis Henk van der Vorst, after which she went out into the world. After she obtained her PhD at Stanford University, she worked in New Zealand for a few years, before she decided to return to Stanford, where she currently serves as a professor of Energy Resources Engineering.


The decision to nominate Klavs Jensen for an honorary doctorate was made jointly by the members of the scientific committee of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry (CE&C), the department’s dean Fausto Gallucci says. He and his predecessor Emiel Hensen act as honorary supervisors of the Danish-born American.

Emiel Hensen stresses that Jensen is a chemical engineer who always seeks connection with chemical subjects. “Our department rests on those two pillars, chemical engineering and chemistry. That is why Klavs Jensen can inspire us to exploit that synergy to the fullest extent possible.”


“A wonderful, inspiring researcher,” professor of Biomedical Materials & Chemistry Patricia Dankers says about David Mooney. “And an amiable, pleasant colleague,” professor of Cell-Matrix Interactions in Cardiovascular Regeneration Carlijn Bouten stresses. “David is a leading scientist who is also very down to earth; a true role model in our field.”


Dankers and Bouten both act as honorary supervisors for Mooney, who studied chemical engineering in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, after which he obtained his PhD from MIT. He has been working as a professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences since 2004. Mooney is also a founding core department member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at that same university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Honorary doctors

  • Prof. dr. Margot Gerritsen,2021
  • Prof. dr. Klavs Jensen, 2021
  • Prof. dr. David Mooney, 2021
  • Prof. dr Peter Winzer, 2019
  • Prof. dr Jodi Forlizzi, 2019
  • Prof. Dame Ann Dowling 2018
  • Prof. dr. Lars Arge, 2017 († 2020)
  • Prof. dr. Gilbert Laporte, 2016
  • Prof. dr. Joanna Aizenberg, 2016
  • Prof. dr. Mark Kushner, 2016
  • Prof. dr. Theodore Stathopoulos, 2015
  • Prof. dr. Norman Fleck, 2014
  • Prof. dr. Sabine van Huffel, 2013

Distinguished professors

  • Prof.dr. T. Stathopoulos, Building Physics, Urban Physics and Wind Engineering, Concordia University (till 30-04-2023)
  • Prof.dr. G. Laporte, Distribution Management, HEC Montréal (till 01-09-2024)
  • Prof.dr. J. Aizenberg, Bio-inspired Materials Engineering, Harvard University (till 01-10-2024)
  • Prof.dr.ir. M.G. Gerritsen, Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University (till 1-11-2026)