AI for the real world

The Eindhoven AI Systems Institute brings together all AI activities of the TU/e. Top researchers from various research groups work together to create new and exciting AI applications with a direct impact on the real world.

EAISI focuses on the use of data and algorithms in machines, such as robots, autonomous cars and medical equipment, which has always been a strong aspect of TU/e and the Eindhoven Brainport region. 
In addition, we focus on the interaction between humans and systems, including trustworthy and transparent methods resulting in moral and ethical AI.
EAISI has defined three main application areas: Health, high-tech systems and mobility.

EAISI aims to connect AI researchers and industrial partners to facilitate and support research projects.

EAISI Community

The Eindhoven AI Systems Institute is building an AI community at TU/e. We are taking inventory of running research in the field of AI, so we can aim for funding, organize useful events etc. Do you use or research AI in your work? Contact us at to become a member of the EAISI community!

Our Moonshots

What are our moonshots and what does that even mean?



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Within EAISI an integrated system view on AI will be developed in a multidisciplinary institute, with key contributions from three key domains:

  • Data Science
  • Humans and Ethics
  • Engineering Systems

EAISI Management team

EAISI team