Professional education

Professional education

Certificate program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for professionals

Data Science and AI for professionals

Make impact with Data Science
Data Science and AI are changing the world rapidly. The new forms of data and new analytics change what businesses do and how they do it. This creates new business opportunities.

How to stay relevant as a professional? Get the required skills in these transformative times and learn how you can play a key role in bringing your organization to the next level of data maturity.

EAISI, in collaboration with the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), offers a technical and analytics translator variant for professionals aiming to:

  • understand machine learning and algorithms
  • know the value of what Data Science and AI could bring to the organization
  • grow in senior professional positions combining technical expertise with boundary-crossing skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, problem solving and critical thinking.

Two programs, two types of professionals


Choose your own learning path to become a data science professional
“Context is everything”, to quote a famous saying. As a professional, one of your key responsibilities is to apply new techniques, algorithms and the like to relevant organizational challenges, in the relevant context.  Our approach to professional education put the focus on applicability and business value centre stage. 

A wide range of elective courses to create your own profile
Once you have finished the core curriculum, we offer a wide range of elective courses to support you in your own learning path specialization. We offer a selection of profiles for Health, Government & Public Sector, Industry, Professional Services and Mobility. But you are free to choose and pick-up any subject that interests you, to gain a solid grounding in the field of data science. 

* Electives are continuously updated and subject to change, depending of the interest of the group.

Challenge-based learning
We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. Hence our programs contain challenges at each stage. Real challenges make learning motivating, helps to get your organization involved, and is a catalyst to achieving real impact. During the program, you complete three CRISP-DM data-science projects: 

  • Foundation: a stylized individual assignment 
  • Level 1: A complex and realistic data challenge which you will work on with a group. You are supported by a practitioner and a mentor throughout the challenge 
  • Level 2: A substantial project in your own organization, supervised and supported by experts, and delivering real impact and creating value for the organization  

You walk away with

  • Solid and hands-on understanding of machine learning and the development process for new data-driven applications. 
  • Business innovation, solution design and Practical data-driven entrepreneurship, knowing what data and AI could bring to your organization. You master the skills to translate goals and challenges to data-science questions. 
  • Capability to define a good data-science project and organize a data-science team, and an understanding of the managerial challenges of shaping the analytics ambitions of the organization. 
  • Understanding of the opportunities and practical applications of data science in your industry. 
  • A completed data-science project in your own organization; data science learnings not only applicable to the participant but to the whole data team. 


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