Data Science and AI for Business Managers

For professionals who, despite not having a background in technology, want to learn and understand how big data, machine learning, and analytics influence their fields. Interested in becoming an Analytics Translator? This program helps business managers achieve this goal by developing their potential to be those who promote the connection between analytics and business needs.

  • 7 Months (Level 1), 7 Months (Level 2)


  • 8 hrs (class) + 8 hrs (preparation and assignments)

    Weekly workload

  • May 12th, 2023

    Start date

  • €9,950 (Level 1), €18,950 (Level 2)

Become an Analytics Translator


Understand the opportunities and practical applications of data science in your industry (Health, Government & Public sector, AI for Industry and Professional Services & Mobility).


Develop a completed data science project in your own organization with cost-saving or efficiency value for your company. Receive a perspective and expert coaching on the development of your organization’s data ambitions.


Learn data entrepreneurship, knowing the value that big data, machine learning, and data analytics could bring to the organization. Master the skills to translate business goals to data-science questions.

Program levels


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Date: 16 March 2023
Time: 18:30 – 20:15
Location: EAISI, Eindhoven University of Technology

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