Data Science and AI for Experts

For professionals who want to learn to develop machine-learning solutions, and who are also interested to learn the business implications of data science. Interested in becoming a Data Scientist or even a Lead Data Scientist? Develop yourself in not only having a deep expertise in one discipline, but also having an understanding of the business context.

  • 7 months (Level 1), 7 months (Level 2)


  • 8 hrs (class) + 8 hrs (preparation + assignments)

    Weekly workload

  • May 12th, 2023

    Start date

  • €9,950 (Level 1), €18,950 (Level 2)

    Tuition fee

Become a T-shaped professional


Master in-depth technical skills in machine learning, data engineering and data analytics.


Learn the business side of data science by having an understanding of the managerial challenges you face during a data science project.


Develop skills in leadership, problem solving, and entrepreneurship.

The program levels

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