AI for Industry

Application Areas

Using our traditional strengths in systems engineering and our close ties with industry, we aim to leverage the huge potential of AI to real-world applications in industrial engineering systems.

Our research will focus on these three application areas:

Preventive and Curative


Improved diagnostics Personalized and wearable health systems Better understanding of personal health states Preventive health management

Robotics &

High Tech Systems

Guaranteed machine performance Autonomous machine operation and smart human-operator support Multi-agent robotics Predictive maintenance



Vision and sensor capabilities for autonomous driving Data analytics for effective transportation systems and distributed traffic management Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

EAISI has defined its mission into moonshots, characterized by both audacious ambition and innovative thinking, our moonshots focus on the future, illustrating what could be. Combining ground-breaking research push and market pull with sustainable goals, they are our ‘man on the moon’. Key to fulfilling our ambitions is ongoing collaboration with industry.

If you are as moonstruck as we are, let’s talk. 

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AI Projects

AI Research projects take place at the various departments at TU/e for which EAISI tries to obtain and provide funding for both fundamental and applied AI research.

Many research projects are in collaboration with industrial partners. Interested? Contact us via and talk to one of our program managers.

Funding Programs

EAISI aims to set up many research projects, preferably in cooperation with industrial partners and with (inter)national funding. Our program managers set up contacts with industry, apply for research funding and keep in contact with our alliances and partnerships in order to obtain funding for AI research at TU/e.

The EAISI Impuls program links research funding to TU/e researchers and has already set various research projects in motion.

The EMDAIR funding program.

AI Research labs

AI Vacancies

EAISI focuses on deepening AI through innovative research in data and algorithms, widening AI by bringing in the human element: ethics, law and society and making AI a fundamental part of all engineering applications. Because TU/e is located in the Eindhoven Brainport region it is easy to connect with industry and quickly take AI applications to the next level.

In order to advance AI related research TU/e has many research vacancies varying from assistant professor, associate professor to full professor. Please see our vacancy page and join us!

Partnerships and Alliances

EAISI collaborates in various partnerships and alliances, ranging from regional to (inter)national cooperations in order to ensure the best possible research outcome and impact.

Check out the partnerships and alliances EAISI is currently involved in!

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