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AI research at TU/e focuses on the use of data and algorithms in machines, such as robots, autonomous cars and medical equipment, which has always been a strong aspect of TU/e and the Eindhoven Brainport region. In addition, we focus on the interaction between humans and systems, including trustworthy and transparent methods resulting in moral and ethical AI.

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TU/e AI Scientific Roadmap

In support of the EAISI mission and building on the strengths of TU/e and its Brainport ecosystem, the EAISI Scientific Board has defined the AI Scientific Roadmap consisting of the following research program lines:

  • Certifiable, Robust, and Explainable AI
  • Trustworthy Data Integration
  • Merging Models and Data in AI
  • Computational AI Hardware and Software
  • Decision-making for Engineering Systems
  • AI Systems Engineering
  • Augmenting Intelligence
  • Democratizing AI

These research program lines are described below in detail.


EAISI aims to set up research projects, preferably in cooperation with industrial partners and with (inter)national funding. Our program managers set up contacts with industry, apply for research funding and keep in contact with our alliances and partnerships in order to obtain funding for AI research at TU/e.

Read more about EAISI our funding programs: IMPULSE program  |  EMDAIR program

Research groups

Many research groups at TU/e have one or more projects on Artificial Intelligence.

Go to for an overview of all AI researchers at TU/e.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Control Systems

The research field of CS is the area of dynamic modelling and model-based control of complex dynamic systems.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Signal Processing Systems

Enabling the digital revolution through theories, algorithms, architectures and solutions for analyzing and interpreting signals, images,…

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Operations Planning Accounting & Control

The Operations, Planning, Accounting & Control (OPAC) group helps stakeholders across sectors to make smart, informed decisions, thereby…

Stochastic Operations Research

SOR is concerned with complex systems that operate under randomness and uncertainty, and aims to develop mathematical models and techniques…

Department of the Built Environment

Urban Planning and Transportation

The focus of the Urban Planning Group is on developing models and integrating these into decision support systems for urban planning design…

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamics and Control

Our mission is to perform top-level research and train next-generation students on the topic of understanding and predicting the dynamics of…

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Computational Biology

synthetic biology, synthetic cells, DNA nanotechnology, DNA computing, supramolecular chemistry, molecular modelling, computer simulations,…

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Geometric Algorithms

Geometric algorithms is the field within algorithms research that is concerned with the design and analysis of efficient algorithms and data…

Interconnected Resource-aware Intelligent Systems

We at the Interconnected Resource-aware Intelligent Systems cluster address (distributed embedded) systems performance challenges in terms…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electronic Systems

Our goal is to create constructive design trajectories for electronic systems that lead to high-quality, cost-effective systems with…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Video Coding & Architectures

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Energy Systems

Our research aims at transforming electricity grids towards a truly future-proof, sustainable energy supply. The group focusses on…

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

The AI-group primarily focuses on the fundamentals, techniques, and tools/frameworks for successful applications of AI. It strenghtens the…

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Visualization research develops new methods to present large data collections in new insightful ways.

Department of industrial engineering & innovation sciences

Philosophy & Ethics

The Philosophy and Ethics (P&E) group conducts research at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and innovation

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Medical Image Analysis

Developing methods and applications for medical imaging, to improve clinical care. medical imaging, acquisition, image reconstruction,…

Department of Industrial Design

Systemic Change

Systemic Change uses Design and Technology to study socio-technical systems at the level of a community, by designing technology-enabled…

Department of the Built Environment

Urbanism and Urban Architecture

Buildings, cities and regions matter to people’s lives. Well-planned cities help communities prosper and flourish, and therefore city…

Cluster Artificial Intelligence

Database Group

The Database (DB) group studies core engineering and foundational challenges in scalable and effective management of Big Data.

Cluster Artificial Intelligence

Data Mining

The chair studies data mining (DM) techniques and knowledge discovery approaches that are at the core of data science. The group is known…

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Human Technology Interaction

The Human-Technology Interaction (HTI) group analyzes people’s interaction with technology with the aim to better understand and improve the…

Group of microsystems

Neuromorphic Engineering

We focus on organic electronic materials for embedding artificial neural networks in hardware, to provide biocompatible and inexpensive…

Department of the Built Environment

Information Systems in the Built Environment

The ISBE Group carries out research and education in the field of information systems used for the engineering and management of the built…

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Control Systems Technology

The mission of the CST group is to develop new methods and tools in the area of Systems Theory, Control Engineering and Mechatronics. The…

Formal System Analysis

Formal System Analysis focuses on theories, techniques and tools for modeling and analyzing the behaviors of software-controlled systems.

Department of Industrial Design

Future Everyday

Future Everyday aims at bridging the gap between emerging technologies and people’s everyday life: how to deal with uncertainties that come…

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Information Systems IE&IS

The Information Systems (IS) group studies novel tools and techniques that help organizations use their information systems to support…

Department of Applied Physics

Materials Simulation & Modelling

We use simulation to design multifunctional materials and optimize processes related to renewables and energy efficiency

AI Projects

AI Research projects take place at the various departments at TU/e for which EAISI tries to obtain and provide funding for both fundamental and applied AI research.

Many research projects are in collaboration with industrial partners. Interested? Contact us via and talk to one of our program managers.

AI Research labs

AI Vacancies

EAISI focuses on deepening AI through innovative research in data and algorithms, widening AI by bringing in the human element: ethics, law and society and making AI a fundamental part of all engineering applications. Because TU/e is located in the Eindhoven Brainport region it is easy to connect with industry and quickly take AI applications to the next level.

In order to advance AI related research TU/e has many research vacancies varying from assistant professor, associate professor to full professor. Please see our vacancy page and join us!

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