The goal of the EAISI-IMPULS program is to stimulate and increase public-private partnerships in the EAISI key application areas

EAISI-IMPULS is a research investment program initiated to stimulate and increase public-private partnerships for application driven research in the EAISI key application areas of health, high tech industry and mobility.

The investment program for joint research projects aims to set up 10 to 20 projects which in total will house 50 researchers.
In an EAISI-IMPULS project TU/e cooperates with one industry partner or a consortium of partners. A typical project is scaled to a number of 4 PhD positions, but the project plan may include both PhD, PDEng and PostDoc positions.

The general principle is that one PhD position paid by industry is matched by TU/e with another PhD position. TU/e aims for high-pace contractual agreements based on lightweight proposal requirements without long evaluation time and without multi-stakeholder negotiations.

EAISI is encouraging cross-disciplinary research working on topics in the EAISI moonshots in a co-location setting of partner and TU/e employees.

Download the flyer or contact us at eaisi@tue.nl

Characteristics of EAISI-IMPULS

  • An EAISI-IMPULS project is a research project in which TU/e cooperates with one or more industrial partners. Where TU/e and the industry partner share the cost of the researchers. A project plan can include PhD, PDEng and PostDoc positions.
  • General principle: a PhD position paid by industry is matched by another PhD position at TU/e.
  • High-pace contractual agreements based on lightweight proposal requirements without long evaluation time and without multi-stakeholder negotiations.
  • The EAISI-IMPULSE program is open for the three EAISI application areas: Health, High-Tech Systems and Mobility.
  • There will be a custom-made user committee per project, consisting of both TU/e and company affiliates.
  • High success rate !


  • Project content mutually agreed by (consortium) partners and in line with EAISI strategy 
  • Cash contribution of 400 k€ per PhD position from industry
  • Each industry funded PhD position will be matched with another PhD position by EAISI 
  • Typical size of an EAISI-IMPULS project is 4 PhD positions, of which 800 k€ funded by industry. 
    Alternative: 400 k€ from industry being matched, resulting in 2 PhD positions
  • PhD positions are on TU/e payroll and will be hired by TU/e departments
  • A default contract agreement for the EAISI-IMPULS program will be provided
  • Co-located employees of TU/e and company encouraged
  • Cross-disciplinary research teams encouraged
  • EAISI Moonshot contribution encouraged