Our world will increasingly be driven by AI and the focus of EAISI is to create AI for the real world. That is why EAISI, in cooperation with various industrial partners has started research labs to do just that.


The AI for Manufacturing and Maintenance (AIMM) Lab has been set up to improve decision making in manufacturing and maintenance using artificial intelligence together with Nexperia, KMWE, Marel and Lely.


The e/MTIC AI Lab, is aimed at improving personalized treatment by having AI work in close collaboration with the clinical staff and MedTech industries since AI is better able to make reliable decisions in a wide range of healthcare situations.

EAISI Fast lab

The FAST Lab, in cooperation with Vanderlande, Lely, Diversey, Rademaker and ExRobotics, is a Robotics research lab that researches how mobile robot systems can operate safely whilst performantly in environments that are subject to static and dynamic changes.

EAISI Mobility Lab

The Mobility Lab focuses on accident free mobility in cooperation with NXP. It aims to advance perception technology such that mobile systems become able to understand – and not merely sense – the environment that they operate in.

ICAI is a network of Dutch research programs that is designed to bring together researchers in the field of AI. The network helps TU/e to further strengthen its already close ties with Dutch industry, and exchange AI expertise and talent with other universities and knowledge institutes. TU/e now has a total of three ICAI labs. 

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