EAISI matchmaking events

Matchmaking events for eaisi moonshots

Following the highly appreciated EAISI matchmaking events around research program lines in preparation of our first call of the EAISI Exploratory Multidisciplinary AI Program, we now organize matchmaking events to bring researchers together around the EAISI moonshots. More information, including an animation introducing the moonshots, can be found on the moonshot webpage.

The events will take place on Thursdays from 16:00-17:30:

  • Matchmaking event 9   Thinking Assistants   on tba
  • Matchmaking event 10   Trustworthy Data   on tba
  • Matchmaking event 11   Healthcare Anywhere   on tba
  • Matchmaking event 12   NextGen Industry   on tba
  • Matchmaking event 13   Responsible Mobility   on tba


The aim is again to he­lp researchers and research groups to get to know each other and their respective research strengths and interests, so that they can forge cooperative initiatives that have a higher potential impact as well as a higher probability of getting funding. 


We invite everybody who wants to contribute to a particular moonshot to give a 4-minute pitch on their research plans and/or the potential cooperation they would be looking for. As a pitch can be relevant for multiple moonshots, you are welcome to give the same pitch multiple times. Also, if you are interested in a moonshot, but don’t have a pitch, you are welcome to listen and contribute to the discussion. Both visitors and presenters will receive an MS Teams link after registration.