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Our ambitions are high. Based on the TU/e’s long-standing strengths in system engineering and our close ties with industry, we aim to leverage the huge potential of AI in real-world applications and solutions for societal problems. We will be working towards making lives safer, healthier and more economically viable in a sustainable manner, including better mobility, preventive healthcare, innovations in diagnostics and maintenance of equipment in industry.

To map the direction in which we are heading, we have defined what we call our “moonshots.”

Our moonshots explained

Want to know what our moonshots are about? Watch the animation and be inspired!


Characterized by both audacious ambition and innovative thinking, our moonshots focus on the future, illustrating what could be. Combining ground-breaking research push and market pull with sustainable goals, they are our ‘man on the moon’. Key to fulfilling our ambitions is ongoing collaboration with industry.

If you are as moonstruck as we are, let’s talk. 

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EAISI moonshots


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