Action Line 4

Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of quantum technology are important to the developments happening at the TU/e. Through Quantum Delta, the TU/e is involved with ELSA related activities in most of the quantum developments. Quantum Delta activities in this area include projects at the interface of quantum and society as well as ELSA related reviews of all projects. 

Here at TU/e, Sharon Dolmans is conducting research on the societal impact of quantum technology, including the impact of quantum on our society’s safety and security. As part of this research agenda, she advances mission-driven innovation by facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation among quantum technology experts, scientists, industry and societal stakeholders. These efforts serve to develop a productive quantum ecosystem that promotes the development of societally-aligned quantum technology - thereby generating both economic and societal value. 

On the business side, we are partnering with Brainport Development to develop a comprehensive understanding of the potential markets for quantum technologies as well as the broader societal impact of these novel technologies.