Focus Area

Scalable quantum computing

Focus Area leaders: Servaas Kokkelmans & Oliver Tse

We develop a scalable quantum computing platform based on ultracold Rydberg atoms

Quantum computers are currently in the noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) era, where noise and decoherence are still a major challenge for quantum computing platforms, and which also limits the scale of the machines that can be built. However, a combination of hardware-dependent optimization, hybridization with classical computing and clever algorithms can demonstrate quantum advantage for specific tasks. In this focus area we develop scalable platforms along these principles. The first platform is based on ultracold Rydberg atoms in optical tweezers, and the second platform is based on Si(Ge)-spin qubits produced by the well-developed and scalable CMOS technology.

The Rydberg atom platform is a development platform both for technology and for applications, and it will be available for the Dutch quantum ecosystem and beyond, via the Quantum Inspire facility, accessible 24/7 online. This focus area has strong ties to Quantum Delta NL, where it is one of the major demonstrator facilities for quantum computing. It also brings different areas of expertise together.

Development of integrated photonic light sources and detectors for this platform will take a pivotal role for overall efficiency and compactification, and can play an important role for readout of ensembles of qubits to implement quantum error correction, which will bring this platform to the large-scale universal quantum computation regime.