Human Capital (Action Line 3)

Action Line 3 is focused on the development and attraction of talent. The development of quantum technology oriented talent is achieved by setting up educational programs for different age and target groups. For the university students, from next year on there will be a quantum master track with a diverse selection of courses (ranging from quantum key distribution to quantum computing to quantum algorithms), specifically aimed at students without a (quantum) physics background to get educated on quantum technology. Part of this master track will be the development of a “challenge based learning lab”, where both TU/e students and students from the applied university Fontys work on dedicated technological challenges, learning a wide spectrum of experimental techniques.

Last, we have a dedicated program for pre-high-school students, where in close collaboration with the Eindhoven School of Education we develop an educational program to acquaint children with the concept of quantum physics and technology. In addition, we will develop an educational “quantum show” in collaboration with De Ontdekfabriek, where families can visit on-site and learn about the concepts of quantum physics in an interactive, playful way. Coordination of this action line within TU/e is done by Wieteke de Boer, Servaas Kokkelmans and Gijs Hijmans.