Quantum communication (Catalyst 2)

In CAT-2 of the Quantum Delta NL program, developments are made in quantum security across the Netherlands. These efforts are in consort with European projects, such as the creation of a cross-Europe quantum secure network for governmental communication (EuroQCI). In these activities developments are bundled on quantum security (a variety of quantum key distribution (QKD) methods and post quantum encryption), quantum communication (qubit transmission) and national testbeds and networks.

At the TU/e we are focusing on creating a large, internationally accessible testbed for the development of QKD and quantum communication technologies. This will be used for testing, validation and certification of new technologies and products.

In hardware, the TU/e leverages our core knowledge and capabilities in integrated optics design and manufacturing to create integrated quantum key distribution systems in two separate types: dv (discrete variable) and cv (continuous variable). We are also leveraging our extensive knowledge in (post-quantum) encryption to improve both the testbed and the equipment.

Our hardware efforts are led by Chigo Okonkwo, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy and Simon Rommel. In postquantum encryption the efforts are led by Boris Skoric, Andreas Hülsing and Tanja Lange.