Research & Innovation (Action Line 1)

In Action Line 1 of the Quantum Delta NL program, researchers of all Dutch universities can submit proposals for quantum technology related research. These proposals should be within one or more of the six research lines as defined in the proposal: quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum simulation, quantum algorithms and/or post-quantum cryptography. The goal of these projects is that the results will ultimately contribute to the three catalyst (CAT) programs on quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum sensing.

Action line 1 is executed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and grant submission will take place annually; the deadline for the first round was April 19, 2022. The evaluation process is supervised by the Action Line 1 Committee, which is also the NWO Quantum Committee. The committee consists of researchers from different Dutch universities and covers the entire spectrum of quantum technology related research. From TU/e there are two members in the committee: Tanja Lange (post-quantum cryptography) and Servaas Kokkelmans (quantum simulation and quantum computing), who is chair of the committee.