Focus area of Complex Molecular Systems

Chemical Biology

Developing a molecular systems approach to understand and modulate biomolecular networks for the design of new therapies and diagnostics

A world-wide unique combination of engineering, chemical and biological expertise

Research within this focus area in Complex Molecular Systems focuses on novel molecular concepts for biological applications in drug discovery, diagnostics, and nanomedicine via a world-wide unique combination of engineering, chemical and biological expertise. This is driven by a molecular systems approach, rather than by a specific disease, chemistry or protein target approach. Understanding and modulation of biomolecular networks is at the core of our activities.

The scientific and technological challenges center around protein-protein interactions, genetic networks, and adaptive (bio)molecular systems with ultimately life-like properties. Ultimately the goal is to tailor the interaction of these molecular systems with biological materials in the light of specific applications such as targeted delivery of therapeutics and effective replacement of tissues. Our conceptual approach allows us to easily adapt to specific technological questions put forward by industrial partners.


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