Focus area of Complex Molecular Systems

IBEC & ICMS Exchange Program - Call for Applications

ICMS and IBEC strive to grow research talent in the fields of organ-on-a-chip, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, chemical biology, biomaterials, imaging and nano-biotechnology. Therefore, we are pleased to invite ICMS postdocs, PhD’s and Master Students to apply for funds to visit IBEC and expand their expertise and network.

Call Information

Who can apply?
TU/e Postdocs, PhD’s and Master students with ICMS affiliation, visiting IBEC

How many calls will there be?
The call is open on a continuous basis. Submitted proposals will be evaluated soonest after submission of your application

2022: 12000 €

What can be applied for?
Travel and/or accommodation costs to visit for a maximum of 3 months

Postdocs and PhD’s can apply for a maximum of 2000 €

Master Students can apply for a maximum of 1000 €


General information

  • This Call for Applications aims to:
    • provide researchers the opportunity to experience the excellent IBEC research environment
    • enable researchers to strengthen their research by adding complementary IBEC expertise and/or infrastructure to their research principles and/or concepts
  • ICMS and IBEC calls are continuously open for submitting proposals within this exchange program
  • These funds can be combined with other funds (compatible with other funding instruments) as long as there is no double funding for the same cost
  • The proposed research may be standalone or part of a larger project or connected to a conference or a master’s internship.
  • ICMS and IBEC may request the student involved in the program to participate in knowledge dissemination activities such as websites, newsletters, seminars, social media and workshops
  • Awardees must submit a short summary to report on the research outcomes at the end of the exchange (to be submitted a maximum of 2 weeks after completion of the exchange period)
  • The receiving organization can require the applicant to complete a guest declaration and a confidentiality agreement

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Postdocs, MSc and PhD students can apply for funding to facilitate a visit to IBEC. This funding is intended to cover travel and/or housing costs for the researchers during their stay at the receiving organization.
    • Postdocs and PhD students can apply for:
      • A max. amount of 1000 € per month
      • Funds are available for a period of up to 3 months
      • The total application amount cannot exceed 2000 €
    • MSc students can apply for:
      • A max. amount of 500 € per month
      • Funds are available for a period up to 3 months
      • The total application amount cannot exceed 1000 €
  • Any one individual can only be awarded funding once per year
  • Please submit your application at least one month before your visit to IBEC

Evaluation of the applications

The applications will be evaluated by the ICMS and IBEC boards (if required, experts in the field will be consulted to aid in the decision-making process). The selection criteria which will be considered by the selection panel are:

  • The scientific quality of the proposed research activities at the receiving organization
  • The uniqueness and complementarity of the proposed activities at the receiving organization. N.B. Proposed research activities  should not be feasible at the sending organization whereas they  should provide an added value to ongoing research in the case of master’s externships and conference attendance.
  • The end date of the submitted proposal should not exceed the end date of the contract of the applicant at the host institution. Only if the student has a signed agreement to continue working for the sending organization then the student is eligible for receiving this funding

How to apply?

To apply for funding within the IBEC & ICMS exchange program, please complete the Application Form.

It is mandatory to have the agreement of both the sending and the receiving research group prior to submission. Once the agreement is in place,  please cc the research supervisors of both the sending and the receiving organization when submitting the request for funding (Application Form).


Timeline & budget

Call for Applications is continuously open

Submitted proposals will be evaluated soonest after submission of your application


Evaluation of the applications

  • The decision on the application will be communicated to the applicant max. 1 week after evaluation of the submitted proposals
  • If the application is granted, more information on the process and timing of receiving the approved funding will be provided by the sending organization


2022: 12000 €