Pim Kat, CEO Technobis (March 2018)

Tomorrow’s measuring instruments

‘Technobis is the first and so far only company that is commercially marketing sensors based on integrated photonics.’

‘At some time we started with fiber measuring instruments, which can measure pressure, tension and temperature. However, at a very low resolution you cannot get away with classical optics anymore and after talking to TU/e Professor Meint Smit I understood that we had to change course towards optical chips. There is no end of applications. For Airbus we are developing measuring systems that display forces on the landing gear during landing and take-off, and sensors enable us to measure minute metal fatigue.’

‘In about ten years we can expect these sensors in every new passenger car produced’

‘Everybody is getting convinced that these are tomorrow’s measuring instruments: lightweight, micro size and highly energy-efficient. Apart from aviation, there are numerous medical applications for our sensors. Thus, they are integrated into catheters and endoscopes to perform all kinds of measurements during surgery. And they are being used in the world of racing, for instance to measure pressure, vibrations and combustion in Formula 1 cars. In about ten years we can expect these sensors in every new passenger car produced.’

‘Integrated photonics is an unstoppable novelty that is going to cause major breakthroughs. And we are contributing more than a fair share to that. Jointly with TU/e we are developing the next generation of chip components, of which we are producing packages on an industrial scale that will have to be affordable.’

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