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New science is inspired by grand societal and industrial challenges. Following the ICMS mission statement ‘creating new technologies by mastering complexity’, the ICMS Industrial Challenge aims to bring a new, scientific perspective to industrial problems, while connecting young, creative minds in science and industry. The challenge thus fosters the formation of a scientific community around an industrial issue, with a view to develop long-term research collaborations as well as to support career development of ICMS members.

The companies who took part in the first ICMS Industrial Challenge are: Clariant, Dow, DSM, SABIC and Stahl. Representatives from companies submitted industrial problems and worked with a team of MSc, PhD students, postdocs and TU/e staff to guide them in their search for an innovative solution to the provided challenge.


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The next ICMS Industrial Challenge will kick-off in the Ceres building at the TU/e campus in September 2018. There, representatives from each of the participating companies will present their case. Soon thereafter, teams will be formed consisting of MSc and PhD students, postdocs and TU/e staff. They will be guided by the industrial participants in their search for an innovative solution to the provided challenge.

The teams will have the opportunity to work on their challenges for six months. They will compete for a place in the finals in 2019, selected by an expert jury when the ICMS Industrial Challenge is four months underway.

More detail on subscribing for the ICMS industrial Challenge 2018 will follow soon.