Data Science Summit 2018

Tuesday November 27, we had a very busy summit, this year in the Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven, which turned out to be a perfect location. We expected a large crowd, as we were already sold-out two weeks in advance, and we had a full room during the morning program. We kicked off the day with our brand-new Data Science movie and encouraging words from our rector magnificus, Frank Baaijens.

The audience learned from Daniel Keim’s inspiring keynote about the power of visual analytics, combining the strength of both computers and humans in analysis and decision making. Interestingly enough, this was also one of the key messages in the last lecture, which reflected on responsible data science and the importance of the human in the loop in fraud detection projects. During the lectures on our research programs, the audience learned first-hand about excellent, industry inspired research at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Examples were given in diverse domains, including service logistics, fog computing, heartbeat analysis and data driven training programs in sports.

Many of the posters presenters took the opportunity to very shortly pitch their posters in the plenary program. This resulted both in a very energetic session, as well as in a lot of attention for the posters themselves. With well over 50 posters, this was a vibrant place to discuss concrete projects more in depth. This also was the moment that new contacts were established, hopefully resulting in many new projects that you all can see in next year’s summit!

The evaluation was very positive, with a 7.8 overall score (out of 10). Almost all talks received a 4+ (out of 5) score, with the keynote most highly valued at 4.6. The poster session and the format of duo-talks received similar positive feedback, so we will see this back next year. We, the organizing committee, were very pleased with the program and the highly involved visitors and already look forward to this year’s edition.

Please use this link to download all presentations, the brochures, the poster booklet and over 200 Summit pictures. We look forward to see you all again next year!