RDM lecture series

As also mentioned in our previous newsletter, we organize a monthly lecture series on Research Data Management (RDM), together with the IMS department. The goals are:

  • to raise awareness for this important, yet complex, issue
  • to share practical knowledge about good data management practice, and
  • to match RDM support services with the TU/e researchers

On April 30th, we had an RDM lecture covering all these three goals. First, Edwin van den Heuvel talked about the Health Data Portal initiative. After explaining the need for such a portal, Edwin described the technology reviews performed so far, and the technologies that are deemed essential so far. Among others, the portal would have to provide to TU/e researchers some remote virtual desktop templates, where they could safely and efficiently work with confidential data contributed by partner hospitals. Second, Toine Kuiper talked about the portfolio of services offered by the (growing) team of TU/e research data management stewards. It turns out that there are various types of steward positions emerging nationally, and TU/e needs to recruit more such stewards.

On Monday 27 May the next RDM lecture will be given by Pieter Van Gorp, program manager of Health Data Science. Pieter will share experiences and examples from projects involving sensitive personal health data. He will also share personal suggestions for expanding the RDM and data lab services within TU/e (and its data science and AI communities in particular). Abstract & registration

For an overview of upcoming RDM lectures, check our calendar.