Two new large Data Science projects awarded

In the past two months we’ve received the good news that two important Data Science projects have been awarded by NWO.

Project 1

Prof Natal van Riel (BME) and Prof Uzay Kaymak (IE&IS) from our Health Analytics program will lead a project on personalized health. The DiaGame project will develop an educational and personalized game for self-management of diabetes. An existing platform (SugarVita) will be improved based on analyzing and integrating personal data collected from health-related smartphone apps. This NWO Commit2Data project funds 2 PhD's and a software engineer.

Project 2

Prof Luc Florac (M&CS) will lead a NWO TOP proposal to bring MRI tractography into the neurosurgical workflow. The goal is to develop and improve diffusion-weighted MRI tractography analysis and visualization techniques for use in the daily neurosurgical workflow. This will provide neurosurgeons with better insight into patient specific neural pathways in the brain, which will improve and facilitate surgical procedures for brain tumour operations. This project involves 2 PhDs and one PostDoc.